We offer comprehensive staffing solutions of high quality and always with fair conditions.


We believe that everyone wants to live sustainably, in houses and cities built by construction workers with good and fair conditions.

There is currently a shortage of labour in the construction sector due to difficulties in attracting good staff to the industry combined with large retirements. At the same time, regulatory gaps and rogue companies have created an unhealthy competitive environment where both employers and workers lose out through poor conditions and reduced quality.

The construction industry needs to take responsibility and work towards greater sustainability. Partly by using more environmentally friendly and climate-smart materials, partly by working on sustainable staffing where we as employers must comply with local laws and regulations, pay taxes, provide fair employment conditions and, above all, treat our staff with respect and care.

EHRAB’s business model and goal is to offer innovative solutions in staffing and recruitment. We are a secure employer and a trusted supplier with years of experience in delivering tailored solutions to some of Europe’s largest construction companies. Today we have delivered over 1000 projects to companies across Europe.

We are a Swedish international company that works locally. This means that we mobilise qualified staff where they are needed. We are currently present in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania. We are constantly expanding into new markets where there is a need.

To make it as easy as possible for workers and employers to find each other, we have created the digital platform, ByggJobs – a construction staffing platform where construction workers are easily matched with available construction projects.

Read below about our values and how we see our responsibilities towards our customers, partners, industry, and the environment.

Our values

We want to build long-term relationships with our customers, partners, and employees, and we know that one of the prerequisites for this is mutual trust. To support us in our interactions and relationships, both internal and external, and to ensure that everyone at EHRAB is working towards the same goals, we have developed the guiding principles of Safety, Responsibility and Caring that will permeate everything we do in our daily work:


  • We offer secure employment.
  • We comply with laws and have collective agreements.
  • We believe in creating security through long-term relationships.
  • We stand for stability and sustainability, which contribute to the success of our customers and colleagues.


  • We take social responsibility and offer sustainable staffing solutions.
  • We take responsibility for our work and always fulfill our commitments.
  • We are clear and straightforward in our communication.


  • Our people are the most important thing we have and we take care of our people.
  • We care about, and are genuinely interested in, our customers and partners.
  • We maintain a high level of service and always provide the best treatment.
  • We care about, and are responsive to, our customers’ needs.

Our social responsibility

We are constantly working to change and improve the industry by addressing social issues and providing secure employment with consistently fair conditions.

  • We work to combat social dumping and crime and only cooperate with partners who value social responsibility.

  • We work to improve the health, safety and working environment of our employees.

  • We are always working to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable society.

  • We comply with laws, regulations, and other requirements for the market we are in.

  • We want to increase transparency for workers and companies alike, and work to create an open working environment for people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Challenges in the industry

Each construction project has its own unique challenges, but there are also many general challenges that affect the entire construction industry:

It's hard to find skilled and reliable workers in the EU

More than 50% of Europe's construction companies are struggling to find workers

About 20% of the construction workforce will retire by 2023

Generation X are choosing other professions than construction

The four points above, together with gaps in legislation that allow social dumping (people are exploited and forced to work in slave-like conditions) and rogue companies that create an unhealthy competition competitive situation that forces serious players into bankruptcy, has created a labor shortage in the construction sector across Europe. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this will change in the next few years, but rather that it will get worse. 

We see a need to cooperate across borders in Europe and mobilize labor where it is needed. 

EHRAB offers sustainable staffing with a focus on social responsibility. We supply entire teams for construction projects and ensure that our employees receive the training they  need and have good  employment conditions.