EHRAB is a Swedish staffing agency with more than 10 years of experience of supplying TEAMs of Workers focusing on Sustainability and Social Responsibility. EHRAB offers TEAMS of Managed Skilled Workers to the Nordic Construction and Civil Engineering industry. We have conducted more than 400 project since start and have proven track record of Nordic projects.

Sustainable Supplier of managed Teams of workers

*Customer survey conducted October/November 2018

EHRAB has since then become the No 1 supplier of managed workforce in the Nordics, supplying over 2000 workers to numerous blue-chip companies within the Construction and Civil Engineering industry. We have managed to help over 200 Clients and more than 400 projects since start. We pride ourself to be able to offer professional and long-term solutions to companies such as SERNEKE, NCC, Skanska, PEAB, Veidekke, Erlandsson, Züblin, Reinertsen, MT Højgaard, CB&I, Hochtief, Imtech and many others

All our staff undergo careful safety training and receive their salary in Sweden – with all the security that this entails.

Of course, our staff has ID06 and the necessary personal protective equipments (PPE).

How we comply

All our staff are employed in Sweden and we comply with Swedish legislation and applicable collective agreements.

Service & Support

Our services are supported by a unique – 24 hours/365 days service, with onsite and offsite management.


Our quality guarantee ensures that you always have the right professional skills on the project. We act quickly and adapt the workforce to your needs.


With English-speaking management, we strengthen communication, which is a central part of a successful construction project

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Sweden's most satisfied customers

In a qualitative market survey of staffing companies in the construction industry, EHRAB received the highest rating.


Learn about the updated ID06 rules.

EHRAB is a member of Byggföretagen, Installatörsföretagen, Almega Kompetensföretagen and is certified according to ISO:9001 and ISO:14001.