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One of the construction industry’s biggest problems are the unprofessional employment agencies that do not prioritise safety on construction sites. They neglect staff training and cheat on certification.
As EHRAB’s goal is to always deliver construction teams of the highest quality, safety is one of our top priorities. To be in control of our employees’ safety, we started the EHRAB school, where we provide our employees with the training they need to work safely – for themselves and for our customers.

EHRAB is currently the only temporary employment agency to have its own school. This means that we increase skills, reduce workplace injuries, and minimise wait time to get workers out to construction projects and our clients can feel confident about the staff they hire. In short, we own the whole chain and have control all the way.

Our employees should feel good and have a safe working environment. It goes without saying that they get the training they need.
Examples of courses offered are
safe lifting, fall protection, scaffolding, hot work, safe construction, road work, electrical safety, etc.

For our Polish and Romanian colleagues who move from their home countries to Sweden to work, the EHRAB school offers introductory training in how to work and build in the Nordic countries, how the Swedish culture works, what they can expect from living and working in Sweden, etc.

We are also working on the project “Rusta and Matcha“where we train people in Sweden who have fallen out of the workforce so that they can get back into the workforce. This also helps to reduce unemployment in Sweden.


  • Safe lifting
  • Fall protection
  • Scaffolding construction
  • Hot work
  • Safe construction
  • Work on the road
  • Working in Sweden

Our offer


All our staff are employed in Sweden and we comply with Swedish legislation and current collective agreements.


Our quality guarantee ensures that you always have the right professional skills on the project. We act quickly and adapt staff according to your needs.


Our services are supported by a unique - 24 hours/365 days service, with onsite and offsite management.


With English-speaking management, we strengthen communication, which is a key element for a successful construction project