Posting of Workers Act

With EHRAB's solutions, you are not affected by the Posting of Workers Act

If you choose a foreign staffing solution that does not employ its workers locally in Sweden, you need to know what the Posting of Workers Directive means for you. 

The EU directive clarifies, among other things, the employer’s responsibility for the rights of its workers and the law applicable to the employment. A worker posted to Sweden (not employed in Sweden) may work in the country for a maximum of 6 months at a time.

Suppliers who post workers to Sweden are obliged to appoint a representative who is authorised to negotiate and conclude collective agreements. The employer must also notify the Swedish Work Environment Authority of a contact person. If you don’t have full control over your subcontractors’ compliance with set guidelines and rules, your company could be subject to workers strike. 

As a client of EHRAB, you are not affected by the Posting of Workers Directive and all the rules and regulations that come with it, such as appointing a local trade union representative and contact person to the Swedish Work Environment Authority or how long posted workers can stay in Sweden.

All workers employed by EHRAB in Sweden are paid locally and we follow collective agreements, with all the security that gives you. This creates loyal employees who continue to work for us year after year. Which in the long run gives you professionally qualified employees.

EHRAB always delivers complete teams with work management. As we carry out many construction projects in Sweden, we can easily move proven professional teams to your project. 

EHRAB is a member of the Swedish Construction Industry and the Installers’ Association.