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We are always on the lookout for skilled professionals and are constantly recruiting construction, installation and industrial workers for our rental business.

Our most important resource is our staff, and we do everything we can to ensure that they are happy and have the best conditions to do a good job and develop in their career. All our employees undergo rigorous safety training and are paid locally in the markets where we operate – with all the security that entails.

As an employee you will be hired out to various customer projects. Projects vary in length, size and focus, which provides variety and prevents you from getting “stuck” in specific roles and tasks. With us, you will also have the opportunity to develop and broaden your skills, as well as access to a large network within the industry.

If needed, we offer training through our own training programme EHRAB School. With the EHRAB school, we can help fill any knowledge gaps and support you if you need retraining to move into construction.

We take safety very seriously and ensure that all our employees receive the necessary safety training to perform their tasks safely.

Apply for a job in the construction industry today

A big advantage with us at EHRAB is that we always have several vacancies in construction. One of the reasons is our large network of customers and partners who are constantly in need of skilled and competent personnel in the construction industry. If you are looking for a job, you can easily use our platform ByggJobs by following the link on this page. The link will take you to our platform which will help you to find the right employer for your competence.

At EHRAB we care about our staff and we always want to make sure you have the best conditions and job security. You can read more about how we work with health, environment and safety to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

This is how you start your application through EHRAB and ByggJobs:

  • Create an account on https://byggjobs.app/sv/
  • Once you’re logged in, start filling in your account information so future employers can find you.
  • Fill in as much as possible of the information requested. The country you want to work in, the city you want to work in and your professional skills are mandatory details you should fill in when submitting your application.
  • Now you can start applying!

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us.

We are looking for electricians and sprinkler installers!

Click on the link to access our offer and information about the mission!

Click here to see the job!

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us.


ByggJobs matches skilled workers and construction projects via a simple app.

We have discovered that in the construction industry there is a need for easy communication and matching between qualified construction workers and serious companies with qualified assignments. That’s why we developed the ByggJobs platform.

ByggJobs is a digital platform for construction staffing that helps find the right construction team for construction projects. Using modern technology consisting of matching algorithms, AI and machine learning, ByggJobs simply acts as a virtual marketplace for job seekers and employers in the construction and installation industry in Europe.


  • Access to attractive employers and assignments via a simple app.
  • An app where you can document and promote your previous work/projects/experiences.
  • Easy validation of your skills and experience through recommendations from previous site managers and colleagues.
  • Fair employment conditions in line with local guidelines.
  • Opportunities for development and training through the EHRAB school.

EHRAB School

To be in control of our employees’ safety, we started the EHRAB school, where we provide our employees with the training they need to work safely – for themselves and for our customers.

The EHRAB school goes hand in hand with our aim to always deliver the highest quality construction teams and the safety of our employees is always our top priority, something that many unprofessional staffing angencies unfortunately fail to concern themselves about.

Our offer


All our staff are employed in Sweden and we comply with Swedish legislation and current collective agreements.


Our quality guarantee ensures that you always have the right professional skills on the project. We act quickly and adapt staff according to your needs.


Our services are supported by a unique - 24 hours/365 days service, with onsite and offsite management.


With the option of an English-speaking team leader, communication is strengthened, which is crucial for a successful construction project.