Increased security with ID06

The purpose of ID06 and the Personal Data Act is to combat undeclared work and unfair competition in the construction sector. With ID06, people can be easily identified at the construction site and you can be sure that each worker is linked to an employer, which increases security on the work site because there can only be one secure identity per card and company. ID06 consists of two parts: verification of companies joining ID06 and ensuring the identity of individuals who will have an ID06 card.

ID06 has several uses; attendance registration in electronic personnel registers (mandatory for all construction sites since 2016), the possibility to digitise training certificates, as well as entry and locking functions

The ID06 system consists of:

  • Mandatory personal ID06 card for everyone staying at an ID06-connected workplace.
  • Traceable logs for entry and exit in the workplace personnel register.
  • Digital personnel register that meets legal requirements from the 1st of January 2016.
  • Centralized blocking to ensure security and availability.
  • Database of digital diplomas.

EHRAB staff are, of course, equipped with ID06 and identification when they are out on their construction sites.

How do I get ID06?

The company signatory/person delegated by the company signatory in your company contacts one of the authorised ID06 card companies.  You can find them and their contact details on the ID06 website here: id06.se. ID06 is also present in three locations in Poland through a local Polish partner.

ID06 accepts a valid passport, national ID (which is also valid for travel within the EU) and digital BankID as identification. 

Mobile ID06 card

ID06 has also developed a secure mobile ID06 card. The mobile card can be compared to a mobile BankID and has the same functions as the physical ID06 card and can thus be used for registration in an electronic personal cash register and for entry and exit at the workplace.  

ID06 is an independent, non-profit company jointly owned by Byggföretagen, Byggherrarna, Fastighetsägarna, Sveriges Allmännytta, Installatörsföretagen Maskinentreprenörerna, Plåt- och Ventföretagen, Glasbranschföreningen, Transportföretagen and Måleriföretagen.