Health, environment, and safety

Health and safety first

For us at EHRAB, health, environment, and safety (HMS) is a top priority. We are a serious partner and it goes without saying that our staff receive the necessary training for the job they are to do. This is a natural part of our delivery of sustainable staffing.

To maintain a high level of safety among our employees, all our staff undergo safety training. We simply match the training requirements of our clients to each project and make sure to certify our employees in those areas. In this way, we can always show a list of the training courses each worker has attended when we are hired to staff a construction site. In this way, we ensure that our customer can rest assured that the personnel working on the construction site are properly trained for safe work, and have knowledge of Swedish work environment regulations. 

The vast majority of training is delivered through our own school, the EHRAB school. Examples of training we provide are safe lifting, scaffolding, hot work, and safe construct. When our employees need training that we cannot provide internally, we engage external providers. Examples of training provided by external providers include road work, lifts, and electrical safety

We created the EHRAB school to be able to control that our employees received the safety training they need and thus be a counterweight to all the staffing agencies in the construction industry that do not take safety training seriously, cheat with certification and how the training of staff is carried out.

We know that our trained construction workers and our policy on safety add great value to our employees and customers, but also that it adds great value to the construction industry as a whole.

To ensure that our customers also meet the requirements for a safe working environment, we have a department responsible for health, environment and safety. Its responsibilities include the continuous testing and auditing of construction sites where our staff are deployed.