Matching Services

EHRAB's mission

Matching Services

EHRAB is very proud to be part of the Swedish Public Employment Service’s “Rusta och Matcha” programme. In Rusta and Matcha, we train people who have been out of work in construction so that after completing their training they can get a job in the construction industry and return to work.

Within the service ‘Rusta och Matcha,’ the Swedish Public Employment Service, in collaboration with independent actors, assists job seekers in re-entering the workforce as quickly as possible by providing them with the necessary training to reskill or upskill in a field that is in demand in the job market.

Given the challenges the construction industry is facing at the moment, with large retirements and a declining interest in the industry from Generation X, “Rusta and Matcha” is a very good service that will be very helpful in getting good and reliable workers onto construction projects.

EHRAB’s training courses build on the training we already provide to our employees to ensure their competence and that they work safely when they go out on customer projects. Examples of training we provide are safe lifting, fall protection, scaffolding, hot work, safe construction, road work, electrical safety, etc.

“Rusta och Matcha” participants are selected through a statistical assessment tool that assesses the jobseeker’s chances of getting a job or starting training within 12 months.   

Read more about Rusta and Matcha on the Swedish Public Employment Service’s website. website

EHRAB School

To be in control of our employees’ safety, we started the EHRAB school, where we provide our employees with the training they need to work safely – for themselves and for our customers.

The EHRAB school goes hand in hand with our aim to always deliver the highest quality construction teams and the safety of our employees is always our top priority, something that many unprofessional staffing angencies unfortunately fail to concern themselves about.

Our offer


All our staff are employed in Sweden and we comply with Swedish legislation and current collective agreements.


Our quality guarantee ensures that you always have the right professional skills on the project. We act quickly and adapt staff according to your needs.


Our services are supported by a unique - 24 hours/365 days service, with onsite and offsite management.


With the option of an English-speaking team leader, communication is strengthened, which is crucial for a successful construction project.