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Multi-story houses

In demanding projects, a highly prefabricated element system based on advanced and standard solutions speeds up on-site construction. The virtually unlimited range of openings and element cladding alternatives enable precision adaptation of facade design concepts to the varying demands of different buildings. As your reliable partner we provide our expert services from the initial planning stage right the way through to installation. All demanding cladding and joint details are resolved by the designers with the help of element models. The external wall solution brings superior speed and quality for construction.

  • office and commercial buildings
  • public buildings
  • industrial buildings
  • residential buildings
  • building renovation


  • Before panel delivery, assembling plan and its sequence have been agreed with contractors.
  • Panels are delivered in the correct day as agreed with management and assembling is started right after delivery.
  • Panels are packed in the correct sequence which is used to reduce construction time and easy to assemble.
  • Assembling is done from truck, thus additional storage is not required.
  • Usually a group of three workers are required for assembling.
  • Assembling productivity is approximately 25-30 sqm/h.