The Minister for Finance Anders Borg visited Gothenburg


Anders_BorgAnders Borg visited Gothenburg and the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce to express his views on the Swedish and European economy.
His conclusion was that Sweden has done well over the years of crisis in comparison to other EU countries.

Anders Borg seemed to see a turnaround in the economy despite the crisis in Ukraine, which lies like a gray cloud over future forecasts and threatens to push Europe into a new period of economic idle – not to mention the human suffering that a further escalation of the situation could lead to.

Further, Anders Borg argued in favor of ”congestion tax ” in  Gothenburg – as a necessity for the government to give priority to infrastructure investments in Gothenburg and West Sweden. He also pointed out that the people of Gothenburg have to stop argue and that more needed to be done 10 years ago.

The audience asked the FM to do more in order to make it easier to start up businesses and that the registration process has to be simplified and quicker. One must also invest and help smaller companies to become medium-sized companies so that more jobs can be created.