Swedish-Iraqi trade Conference – Minister for Trade Dr. Ewa Björling


Ewa Bjo?rling-150x150EHRAB’s CEO Bejamin von Jahf, participated in a conference in Stockholm about improving the Swedish-Iraqi trade relations. EHRAB’s CEO got a moment face-to-face with the Swedish Minister of Trade Ewa Björling.

–          We discussed the endless opportunities in not only Iraq but the whole Middle East and how strong Sweden is as a brand in the region, says Benjamin.

EHARB also had opportunities to create new contacts with companies and organisations that already operate in the region and establish relations with persons that are involved with the re-building of Iraq after years of war.

–          The security situation in Iraq was a matter of discussion during the conference and there are some regions were the security is satisfactory.

IS01-150x150As an example is the Northwest-region, Kurdistan, such a region. It’s a federal part of Iraq with high security and where the oil drives the economy and development forward.

Already now are some Swedish companies established in the region and EHRAB recognise that there are possible opportunities by collaborate with already well-established companies in the region.

EHRAB also got a great opportunity during the conference to marketing the company’s products and services.

And the response were immediate. There’s a lack of engineers, construction workers not only in Iraq but the in the whole region.