The Industrial Days – The Minister of Enterprise Annie Lööf


The Industry Days were held on 14-15th October in Gothenburg. EHRAB was one of several hundred companies that were represented during the two-day conference.

Industry, trade unionists , politicians, representatives of educational institutions and students were present. This year’s theme was innovation and skills development.

Participants had the opportunity to listen to Minister for Enterprise Annie Lööf , Minister for  Education and Research Jan Björklund and the Chairman of the Social Democratic Workers Party Stefan Löfvén and get to know their thoughts about Swedish industry and the actions that are necessary to strengthen and improve Sweden’s competitiveness in the international market. The debate didn’t come off and the whole conference was characterized by a consensus of all present politicians and business leaders such as Olof Persson (AB Volvo) and Håkan Samuelsson (Volvo Cars). The constantly repeated opinion was that Sweden needs more young people interested in science, who could later gain an education as engineers, biochemists, etc.

–     It was nice to be able to talk face to face with the Minister for Enterprise and to highlight the issues that concern us, companies smaller than Volvo, SKF and other big players, said Benjamin von Jahf , EHRAB’s CEO, after having spoken with Minister Annie Lööf over a cup of coffee.

During these two days EHRAB had the opportunity to make contacts and could even gain better understanding of the needs in Swedish industry. Flexibility was a frequently repeated word and many small and medium- sized companies felt the need for flexible solutions concerning employment of staff at certain times. While many expressed belief in the future, they were at the same time concerned over the global economy and so abstained from venturing into new investments, research and development to the extent they wanted.

EHRAB took also part in a seminar on Tuesday about “Circular economy” better known as  ”Cradle-to-Cradle”.

– This way of thinking is importantfor many of ourcustomers, so EHRAB – although being a service company – must see what we cando todeliver servicesthat meetcustomers’ needs andcreate an understanding ofthis way of thinkingamongour staff, explained Per Kjellberg, financial accountant at EHRAB, after the seminar.

Industry is an interesting market for EHRAB and although much is automated, there is still a need for human capital in the Swedish industrial companies.

Below are photos from the Industry Days

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