Temporary Staffing

Our vision is clear – to be the customer’s first choice as a staffing company in the international energy sector.To achieve this vision, it is required not only a great deal of commitment and expertise from the lead, but also that we know our success lies in our competent and motivated consultants.It is our employees who are our face to the outside world, it is you who every day do a wonderful job for our customers and puts EHRAB in advance.The industry we work in is tough, it can involve long hours and long rotations. Therefore we put a lot of work to you as an employee to feel confident when you go out and work for us.

It is not just about employment in whether pay and conditions, but also to the soft values of trust, respect and open dialogue. The latter is especially important for us because we as employers are often not in place where you are located to work.

To keep an open dialogue and a direct communication is the very pillars of an operating company, and something we value highly.

We believe in our vision and on the way we’re going to achieve it.

We are here to stay – are you?

EHRAB is a specialized staffing company in the marine energy sector. By specializing in a specific area we’ve built up extensive knowledge and experience. In addition to staffing solutions, we also offer direct recruitment, consulting, counseling, and create business contacts.

All our staff are qualified, with long experience in the industry. Many are also certified for offshore work.

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