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Recruitment and Head Hunting

With extensive experience of recruitment, we understand that every customer has unique needs, and each candidate has unique experiences and expertise. EHRAB is specialized in the following sectors: building, construction, energy, IT and food which provides us with unique opportunities to find the niche expertise that your company is looking for through our extensive network. Regardless of whether it is a structural engineer, nuclear inspector, IT technician or a food inspector you are looking for.

As a customer your needs are always the focus. EHRAB’s recruitment process therefore consists of a close working relationship with you as a customer, where we will customize the process based on your needs and requirements. Together we select the method that is best suited for the position in question; advertising, search, or perhaps a combination of both. Our extensive network makes it easy for us to be proactive and, together with our well populated candidate database, this forms the basis of our recruitment process. EHRAB’s experience of staffing generates synergies and represents an exciting interface for identifying your correct candidate.

Quality guarantee
In order to find the best suited candidate, EHRAB offers various tools such as interviews, reference checks, personality analyses, skill tests all in line with your preferences and needs. Regardless of whether you are recruiting one person or several people, it is important for us at EHRAB to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that the candidate lives up to and meets the expectations you have. For this reason, we offer a quality guarantee and will repeat the process if you are dissatisfied.

EHRAB has been chosen to recruit for many diverse posts. We are confident of finding the right person for your particular post, whether it be an engineer or a carpenter, a programmer or an HR manager.

We will find what you are looking for!

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