Health Safety and Environment-Quality

At EHRAB, we have as a guiding light to keep the Health, Environment and Safety thinking as a top priority in our work.

We have Zero defect as target and working systematically with continuous improvement for the brightest star status in this area. This so we can deliver high-quality, safe and environmentally-friendly services to our customers.

Health, Safety

Our common responsibility and high ambition is to take preventive action against potential risks through proactive and active in both the mental and the physical level to increase and maintain a high level of health and safety of our personnel.

We follow the country’s Environmental Health and safety legislation, as well as our customers ‘ laws, rules and regulations where we operate. It is natural for us to daily make use of PPE and keep our workplace in order. Most of our employees have safety training and continuous training progress of new employees.


EHRAB strives to provide healthy and safe work environments with good working conditions and conditions that encourage our employees to take personal responsibility, in full quality Health Environment and safety areas. There is constant updating and training which encourages professional development of our employees.


At EHRAB we care about our customers and employees. The best results are achieved when working to achieve common objectives. When our customers succeed, it is also a success for us, which is why it is important for EHRAB to keep the highest possible quality of our services to be the customer’s first choice.


We do site visits, follow up, and support our employees during the work. In order to constantly improve ourselves, we are dependent on our customers’ feedback on our services.

Therefore, it is highly appreciated to get feedback, criticism or praise, we appreciate both.

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