How do I get an employment with EHRAB?

– First of all you need to match the criteria we advertise. This can apply to a special welding license, education or skills. If you make a spontaneous application and send your CV, we will try to match it with the requests from clients.

I don’t have Norwegian D-number, can I still apply for a vacancy?

-Yes, you can. If you don’t have a D-number, we will help you get one. You need to send us a copy of your passport.

What are the working hours per week and is there a rotation system in place?

– That depends on which project and sector you work in. Within the construction and civil engineering sector, it’s 40 hours/week in Sweden, 37 hours/week in Denmark and 37,50 hours in Norway.  For Onshore project, the common rotations are 14 days ON & 21 days OFF, 14 days ON & 14 days OFF, or 12 days ON & 9 days OFF. For Offshore projects, the most common rotation system is  2 weeks ON and 4 weeks OFF. Other rotation systems do exist and will be determined based on the client needs.

What is the salary level once working for EHRAB?

– EHRAB is member of NHO Service, Dansk Byggeri, Sveriges Byggindustrier and Bemanningsföretagen, which means that we are following collective bargaining agreements in each country we operate in.

Who will arrange the travel and lodging arrangements?

– EHRAB helps all employees with the travel and lodging arrangements. We offer 24/7 service support to both our employees and clients. Our operational staff will make sure to support you with all your inquiries.

What type of lodging are you providing?

– EHRAB provides high standard accommodations. Depending on the location of  project, we will arrange apartments, houses, barracks and sometimes hotels or hostels. All lodging are fully furnished and near the project. It may be that you need to share room with other personnel from EHRAB due to the lack of supply in some regions. In case of working offshore, everything is arranged for you.

Will you arrange for food once working on a project abroad?

– Depending on the country you will be working in, the food will either be arranged or you will be paid a supplement to your salary in accordance to the collective agreements.  In case of working offshore, everything is arranged for you.

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