The Law on Entrepreneurship Responsibility

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How can you avoid the risk of being responsible for your subcontractor’s salary costs?

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The law means that a worker in the construction industry who does not receive a salary must be able to receive the salary paid by the company that hired the employee’s employer. If the employer does not pay the salary, the employee has the opportunity to contact the entrepreneur who is higher up the chain. If the contractor cannot pay, the responsibility for paying the salary goes to the main contractor. You can avoid the risk of subcontractors’ payroll debts through an effective staffing solution.

By incorporating a staffing solution that is similar to a subcontractor solution with the delivery of complete work teams, you avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary risks and you secure a subcontractor who does not cheat with the tax, ignore the security or do not pay the right salary to his employees.

Entrepreneurial Responsibility Act

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