Sweden’s most satisfied customers

In a qualitative market survey of staffing companies in the construction industry, EHRAB received the highest rating.

One of the questions in the market survey was the overall view respondents had of the nine largest staffing companies in Sweden. EHRAB received the highest score of 6.6 on a 10-degree scale.

EHRAB puts all its staff in Sweden and is a member of Sweden’s construction industries and the Installer companies. Therefore, our professional workers like to continue to work for us year after year. It gives you good professional employees. We always supply complete work teams with work management. We carry out many projects in Sweden, so we can move proven professional teams to your project.

During q4 2018, Next Research & Consulting AB conducted a market survey aimed at mapping the market’s attitude to and use of staffing companies. As well as what advantages or disadvantages the construction companies are looking at to hire staffing companies and subcontractors respectively. Also how to look at hiring Swedish versus foreign staffing companies. The study is primarily designed to develop EHRAB’s quality work.

Implementation / outcome

The survey was conducted using telephone interviews. It is divided into central level (Buyer, regional manager) and local level (project manager, site manager, labor manager) within the respondent companies. Much of the market research is confidential and will be used to develop EHRAB’s product / quality work. Below is an excerpt of selected parts of the survey.

Use of staffing companies?

When asked whether respondents have used staffing companies in any construction project over the past 24 months. Half of the respondents replied that they have used staffing companies in any construction project over the past 24 months.

Have you used Swedish or foreign staff from Manning companies, or both?

Over 50% responded that they have used both and. Recurring views are that foreign labor is working faster and longer (making more hours per day), but communication works better when you employ Swedish labor and staffing. In general, with experience of foreign labor, they saw no disadvantages.

We asked if the new law on entrepreneurial responsibility will influence your choice of subcontractor / staffing company in the future?

Most 41% responded that the Entrepreneurial Responsibility Act will not affect their choice of subcontractor in the future, while just over a quarter indicated that they will influence their choice. Those who responded that it will affect them clarified that they will make more accurate checks of the subcontractors (eg that they have collective agreements and manage tax payments). Some responded that they know it will affect them but that it is too early to say how.


All our staff are employed in Sweden and we comply with Swedish legislation and applicable collective agreements.


Our services are supported by a unique – 24 hours/365 days service, with onsite and offsite management.


Our quality guarantee ensures that you always have the right professional skills on the project. We act quickly and adapt the workforce to your needs.


With English-speaking management, we strengthen communication, which is a central part of a successful construction project

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