The purpose of ID06 and the Personnel Liga Act is to counteract undeclared work and unfair competition. The law will be supplemented by monthly reporting of employer-level contributions at the individual level. EHRAB's staff is equipped with ID06 and ID when they are at your workplace.

ID06 has strengthened the requirements regarding identity and corporate control. Security in the workplace increases by the fact that there is only a secured identity per card and company. ID06 comes with a mobile ID06 card winter 2018/19. New ID06 cards allow you to get a secure identity linked to a company with a high level of trust.

From October 20, 2018, the new ID06 card is valid. The new and more secure ID06 consists of two parts: control of companies that join ID06 and secure identity of individuals who must have an ID06 card.

The validity of the current ID06 cards is extended from 20 June this year to 21 January 2020. The reason is, according to ID06, that the technical system support required for more nationalities and organizations to gain access to the new cards is not yet clear.

How do I get a new ID06?

The company signer / person delegated by the company signer at your company contacts any authorized ID06 card company. You can find them and their contact details at under PARTNER. In addition, ID06 opens up in three places in Poland through a local Polish partner.

ID06 approves a valid passport or national ID that also applies to travel within the EU. You can also digitally identify yourself through BankID.

Mobile ID06 card

ID06 has also developed a secure Mobile ID06 card. The mobile card can be compared to a mobile BankID and has the same functions as the physical card. It can thus be used for registration in an electronic personalizer and for entry and exit in the workplace.

EHRAB specializes in delivering complete work teams with English-speaking work management to the Nordic construction and civil engineering industry.

With over 800 documented professional workers, we have the strength and flexibility to help you in both small and large projects, in parts of a project or a whole. We supply qualified labor to some of the Nordic region's largest construction companies – for projects where we guarantee high productivity, quality, health and safety. Here, our unique offer is briefly explained.


All our staff are employed in Sweden and we comply with Swedish legislation and applicable collective agreements.


Our services are supported by a unique – 24 hours/365 days service, with onsite and offsite management.


Our quality guarantee ensures that you always have the right professional skills on the project. We act quickly and adapt the workforce to your needs.


With English-speaking management, we strengthen communication, which is a central part of a successful construction project

Introduction of EHRAB. Benjamin von Jahf - CEO / Founder

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