Construction and Civil engineering

The construction industry is an important and growing sector for EHRAB. In recent years, major infrastructure projects have been planned and are in progress. The shortage of housing in urban areas and increased investment in infrastructure projects means that at EHRAB we believe in continued growth in the sector. And we can help turn your company into a winner!

EHRAB is something of a specialist in supplying skilled and experienced professional workers with labour management for projects in the civil engineering industry. Our staff have experience from some of the largest projects throughout Europe and the world. Together with our experienced labour management, they contribute to your project being completed on time and within budget!

We supply small and large groups of qualified professional workers with skilled supervisors, qualified foremen and experienced project managers. Our strength is that we can meet your needs whether it is 20 or 500 people, you might need for your project. Our support functions ensure high productivity, quality and a safe working environment.

EHRAB can help your organisation to deliver the following professional groups for your projects;

  • Carpenters – Woodworkers
  • Steel constructors
  • Concrete workers
  • Ground workers
  • Asphalt layers
  • Scaffolders
  • Mining and tunnel workers
  • Prefabrication workers
  • Bricklayers
  • Tilers
  • And more…

EHRAB always delivers supervisors, foremen and project managers for all projects.

EHRAB is also able to offer solutions at fixed prices throughout our partners!

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